Best time of year to visit Ireland

Though you can travel to Ireland throughout the year still the months of May and June as well as mid of September to mid of October are considered as the best in terms of weather as the highest temperature during these months remain pleasant at nearly 17 degrees C. The main reason for greenery all through the year in Ireland can be the heavy rains it can have every month. Moreover, weather changes in Ireland very quickly as within 30 minutes of heavy rain you can expect a sunny climate. However the best time of year to visit Ireland depends mainly on a few factors including your budget, and your purpose to visit there.

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best time to visit Ireland on budget

If budget is your priority then you should avoid visiting Ireland during peak season as every ting including transportation, accommodation and shopping can be expensive for you. Summer, from mid of June to August, is considered as the peak time to visit Ireland as you have a lot of time for sightseeing because the days are long and temperatures are moderate than hot as it remains warm during this time. You should avoid this period to meet your budgetary needs while visiting Ireland.

The period from April to mid of June as well as September to mid of October can be a fairly good time for budgetary people to visit Ireland. However from Mid October to March, except the week around St. Patrick’s day can be the best time of the year for them as it is the time of the low season on this island.

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Purpose of visit

People visit Ireland due to various reasons s some visit for sightseeing whereas others to enjoy its good weather. Festivals, golfing, shopping, or staying in the castle can also be a good reason for some people to visit Ireland. Brief information about different reasons to visit Ireland can help you to know the best time of the year for you to visit Ireland.

Visit Ireland for sightseeing

If your purpose to visit Ireland is sightseeing then the months of May, June, September, and October can be the best time of the year for you. It is the peak season for tourism as temperatures range between 13 and 17 degrees C which keeps the environment warm instead of hot. Though the weather is also pleasant in Ireland in the months of July and August but they are considered the best for budgetary people as by then you can experience lesser queues and crowds and can enjoy views and calmness without much interruption. During these months you can be more comfortable in a sweater and you must have a rain jacket with a hood or an umbrella as it can start raining anytime.

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Visit Ireland for enjoying the weather

If the weather is your criterion to visit Ireland then summer is the best time of the year for you. During summer there are least rain falls and the weather is warmest as the temperature ranges between 15 and 19 degrees C. But you may find a cool or mild temperature on this island if you used to live in the southern regions. During this time you can enjoy seeing lively events like festivals and sightseeing along with the activities and attractions that will be available for you like wildlife tours and boat tours as the daylight will be available for 15 hours with lesser rains.

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Visit Ireland for celebrating festivals

If enjoying festivals is your motive to visit Ireland even then summer is the best time for you. A lot of festivals are usually celebrated in Ireland on weekends during this period. In these celebrations, everyone can find something for him ranging from food, music, horse racing to surfing through fairs. If you want to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, the biggest festival in the world, hosted in Dublin then mid of March can be the best time of the year to visit Ireland. Every year almost 450,000 people visit the city center of Dublin to witness this festival. To get a clear view of the parade you must plan to reach Dublin’s city center before 9 o’clock in the morning.

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Visit Ireland for golfing

May to mid of October can be the best time for you to visit Ireland if you want to enjoy a golf holiday on this island. Though you can also visit here in April to see greens without much crowd but you will have to prepare your bag to face wet season. However, June can be an excellent time to play golf in Ireland as you can be active on the golf course from 5 am to almost 11 am because the days are long during this time. But June can also be the peak season for the golfers because of the great shape of greens and fairways on the course. However, you should be careful while traveling to Ireland at this time as it can start raining anytime throughout the year. So golfers should be prepared to face rain at any time.

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Best Golf courses in Ireland

Visit Ireland for shopping

Shopping is also a valid reason to visit Ireland during the holiday season. The best time to visit this island for shopping can be the summer season as well as the period before and after the winter. Some of the sales start on this island in June but in July and August, they can at their top in a real sense. Similarly, pre-Christmas can also be the right time for shopping perfumes and cosmetics as you can find packaged gift packs at a better bargain price than buying them individually. Likewise, you can find a lot of sales just after Christmas as some of the items can be available at up to 50% discounted rates.

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Visit Ireland for a stay in Castle hotels

To stay at Castle hotels like Dromoland Castle, Lough Rynn Castle or Abbeyglen Castle can also be a good reason to visit Ireland. So the best time to stay at Castle hotels is the off-peak period i.e. winter season when the prices of these hotels are reasonably low. Most of these hotels offer special packages at a very affordable price during this period of the year. You can enjoy any of these hotels at even less than $200 per night including a fabulous breakfast.

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Thus you can choose the best time of year to visit Ireland as per your preferences.

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