Best time to visit Amsterdam

Best Time to visit Amsterdam

Amsterdam, often referred to as the ‘Global Village,’ is a world-class destination with the beauty of the architecture, the modern shops, the romantic canals, and the warm people. This city is very cosmopolitan and has something for everyone: culture, art, history, and nightlife.

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and the largest city in the country. The most visited part of the town is the city center, which is almost always crowded with tourists. There is a lot of green in this part, and it is very sophisticated in its architecture and design. Amsterdam has often been offended for being a notorious drug hub. However, in recent years, public policies and laws have been greatly strengthened, and the city is now cleaner, more modern, and efficient.

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The best time to visit

Best Time to visit Amsterdam for Sightseeing

The best time to take in the sights of Amsterdam without anyone else worrying is in late fall and during most of the winter months. You will, of course, need to assemble it because it will be cold and probably wet, but it might be worth it for a quieter experience. If this sounds too cold for your taste, consider coming between April and May and early June, mid-September, and mid-October because the crowds are less, and you have a bigger chance of enjoying the sunny skies. However, sightseeing is in worst in the summer when the lines for the most popular attractions are very long (sometimes up to three hours), and the wait is sweaty.

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Best Time for seeing Tulips

Mid-April is ideal for tulips seeing at their best colorful peak. The span of the season is late March to mid-May, but mid-April usually brings the most abundant blooms. Of course, it all depends on the weather, which can be difficult, if not impossible, to predict.

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Best time to buy

Retailers in Amsterdam and many other European cities do not have big sales throughout the year or even at the end of each season. January and July are the most popular months to shop here, as stores offer the most exciting discounts when they stock up. With discounts of up to 70%, it is usually worth it. Keep in mind that the sooner you visit during the sale, the more options you likely have. However, when you near the end of the sale, you will get the most significant discounts.


Best time to visit the Anne Frank House

If the Anne Frank House is number 1 on your itinerary, visit it in winter if possible (except holidays). You often have to queue for about three hours in summer, which is unfortunate on an afternoon which is humid and hot. If you have no other choice, the proper planning of your visit is a must. Come before it opens and queue around 8:30 a.m., which should deliver in about an hour.

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Best visiting time for the Red-Light District

The best time of year is at dusk, when you can see the glow of red lights in the dark canals, but the place is not very crowded yet. For those who want to participate, it is possible to try it 24 hours a day, although most events occur from 9:00 p.m. in summer and after 6:00 p.m. in winter.

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Amsterdam travel seasons

High season (April to August, mid-December to early January)

Summer is the height of the high season, although April and May, although the city center is less crowded, are still considered part of the high season by the influx of tourists arriving. See tulips and other flowers bloom. The weather will likely be nice, but in late May, you should be prepared to wait in long lines to hit popular attractions and catch a glimpse of your elbows with the hordes of tourists in crowded neighborhoods. When it comes to accommodation, you are likely to pay a lot for very little, as hotels can calculate their highest rates. During the Christmas, just before the holidays on New Year’s Eve, expect prices and masses to rise again.

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Mid Season (March, September)

While March and September can be a gamble when it comes to the weather (go late March or early September, and it will be fairer), you’re more likely to find some lower prices and fewer odds of being crowded for a fight.

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Low Season (November to Mid-December, Mid-January to February)

Due to the dark gray and cold weather in the winter months, room rates are at their lowest and significantly decreasing. It is possible you can also get cheaper airfares. However, you will find many indoor attractions and much fewer tourists compared to the summer. This is the time to be here for many, depending on what they have on their own agenda. It’s lovely when snowy nights cover the city, and in early February, when the canals freeze over, you can watch the locals slide on the ice or even join them.

Weather and climate in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, like the UK in France, is used to an oceanic climate. The latter is mainly influenced by the North Sea and the prevailing winds from the west. Although winters can be freezing, summers do not experience extremely hot or unusual temperatures. The climate remains temperate and humid most of the year.

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Winter weather in Amsterdam

Winters in Amsterdam experience very mild temperatures despite the widespread frosts between December and February. There may also be snowfall, but overall temperatures drop a bit on the downsides. Clouds and rain are regular at this time of year, and the weather can change dramatically on the same day.

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Summer in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s summer weather is like that of the neighbors, the Rotterdam and The Hague. Temperatures are comfortable and sometimes high, but never extreme. In winter, clouds and rain are more common, and it is not uncommon to see a sudden drop in summer temperatures. However, there are also beautiful sunny days at this time of year.

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Amsterdam weather in spring

Spring in Amsterdam is similar to that of Belgium and Germany, with incredibly unpredictable weather. For March and May, the days are very sunny even though some rain periods, and the temperatures pleasantly mild.

Amsterdam in the fall

In autumn, Amsterdam’s weather is very changeable, and you never know what kind of temperature it will drop to. However, if temperatures get colder as the season progresses, September will likely be late with charming weather and moderate heat. Rains are also frequent at this time of year.

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