Best time to visit Aruba

When it comes to beautiful beaches, amazing weather, and a vacation full of calm, peace, and relaxation, the Island of Aruba is what should come to your mind for your next vacation.

You might be wondering, why is Aruba such a popular tourist destination? Well, you’re in the right place to know. That’s exactly what we’re here to answer.

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In this article, we’re going to talk about why Aruba is such a famous travel spot and we’re also going to talk about the best time to visit Aruba. We’re also going to provide you suggestions of things and activities to try out if you’re in the area. So, sit back, relax, and read this article till the end.

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Why is Aruba Such a Popular Travel Destination?

Aruba is a constituent Island country in the Kingdom of Netherlands. It is located in the mid-south of the Caribbean Sea. One-third of the ABC Islands, Aruba has a total area of about 193 square kilometers. The population of the Island is somewhat around 116 thousand people.

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The reason for the immense popularity of the Island of Aruba among tourists is that it is filled with golden beaches along with fine clear weather as well as deserts to be explored by tourists.

That’s why every year, Aruba records around 2 million tourist visits to the Island. Their economy is built around their tourism. We want you to be one of the people to visit this beautiful Island in order to experience true relaxation and natural aesthetic beauty.

Best Time to Visit Aruba

Well, you can visit Aruba any time of the year if you really want to, but if you’re the kind of person who wants the best experience and wants to keep the wallet heavy at the same time, you should keep reading because we’re going to tell you the best time to visit Aruba.

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We think the best time to visit Aruba is between May and August. There are different numbers of tourists and tourism prices in Aruba throughout the year. Let’s take a look at Aruba and its tourism scene in different periods of time of the year.

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January to April

This is the peak season of tourism in Aruba. The weather is fine and dry in comparison to most of the Caribbean and that’s why tourists make their way to the Island to take advantage of the good weather.

The accommodation can be extremely expensive and tourism prices are going to be very high. So, if you’re thinking of paying a visit at this time, we’d suggest that you wait a few months out.

if we talk about tempratures or weather, things get pretty similar all year long as is happends normally in the Caribbean. The only thing to take care of are the rainy seasons which goes normally from October to January.

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January Weather

On January tempearature go to the highest weather of 86ºF (or 30ºC) to the lowest or coldest being 76ºF (or 24ºC).

February Weather

On February tempearature go to the highest weather of 87ºF (or 30ºC) to the lowest or coldest being 76ºF (or 25ºC).

March Weather

On March tempearature go to the highest weather of 88ºF (or 31ºC) to the lowest or coldest being 77ºF (or 25ºC).

April Weather

On April tempearature go to the highest weather of 89ºF (or 31ºC) to the lowest or coldest being 78ºF (or 26ºC).

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May to August

The best time to visit Aruba for you. The weather is going to be warm and clear. There will be fewer tourists here and the tourism prices are also going to be quite low. You’ll find accommodation quite easily and the overall experience is going to be pretty great.

So, definitely make your way to Aruba from May to August if you want a fun and exciting time while saving a lot of money as well.

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May Weather

If we talk about May’s temperatures, we will find a highest weather of 90ºF (or 32ºC) to the lowest or coldest being 80ºF (or 26ºC).

June Weather

On June, the highest weather go to 90ºF (or 32ºC) while the lowest or coldest is 80ºF (or 27ºC).

July Weather

If we talk about July’s temperatures, we will find a highest weather of 90ºF (or 32ºC) to the lowest or coldest being 80ºF (or 26ºC).

August Weather

On August, the highest weather go to 91ºF (or 33ºC) while the lowest or coldest is 80ºF (or 27ºC).

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September to December

Not the ideal time to visit Aruba but the months between September and December are generally considered alright. So, if you’re thinking of paying a visit and having fun, you’re not going to be disappointed. But if you can wait, we’d definitely suggest you go and have an epic memorable adventure between the months of May and August.

September Weather

The weather in Aruba arond the month of September goes close to 91ºF at day, or 33ºC on celsius.

October Weather

All this season has a similar temperatures, with 90ºF at day, or 32ºC on celsius.

November Weather

A little colder but still amazing as all year, November’s weather goes from 89ºF (31ºC) the highest to 79ºF (26ºC) the coldest.

December Weather

The weather in Aruba arond the month of December goes to 87ºF at day, or 30ºC on celsius.

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Things to Do if You’re in Aruba

If you’re traveling to Aruba or you’re already there and you’ve fallen upon this guide, you’re in safe hands. There’s a lot you can do if you’re going to Aruba. We’re going to provide you a reference of some of the best things you can participate in if you’re near or planning to go to the natural aesthetic Island of Aruba.

Going to the Palm Beach

If relaxation is your goal, then the best beach in Aruba is definitely Palm Beach for you. A tranquil atmosphere along with peace and calm is definitely the perfect place for you to set your mat and lie on. You can take in the warmth of the sun and enjoy a wonderful scene at the same time.

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Visiting the Arikok National Park

Want to witness the extensive array of animals and wildlife that inhabits Aruba Island? Well, what better place than Arikok National Park. A huge variety of wildlife including snakes, goats, iguanas, and many birds is what you’re going to find in the National Park with an additional benefit of glancing at the beauty that the Park holds within.

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Experiencing Wreck Diving

Got an affinity for wreck diving? Or looking to be a part of something adventurous for the first time ever? In both cases, the wreck diving activity is a staple of Aruba and many tourists do it for entertainment and adrenaline. You can choose to do it too if you have the stomach for the water and a knack for underwater exploration.

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Trying out the delicious food

From trying out the amazing Dutch traditional cuisine to experiencing Aruba’s twist on international foods, the restaurants and the street food carts in Aruba offer everything you’re going to want to have. The food there is amazing and we want you to experience it to the fullest.

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Lucking out at Hyatt Regency Casino

If you’re looking for a drink and a bit of gambling action, Hyatt Regency Casino is a really great place to visit with your bachelor friends. With the multitude of slot machines, poker machines, and tables, you’re going to have a great time trying out luck.


Aruba is a wonderful vacation destination. That’s why we want you to take your family and friends there for an amazing, relaxing, and naturally pleasing tour. If you follow our guidelines and go there at the best time, we assure you that you’re going to have one of the most memorable and lovely vacations of all time. So, get your bags packing and get ready for your next vacation on the beautiful Island of Aruba.

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