Best time to visit Australia

If you are planning to travel to Australia, it is safe and simple. However, a good time and proper planning will make the most of your trip. Knowing the right time to make a visit to Australia will save you the pain of unlikely weather and other hassles while traveling. To make the most of this visit to Australia this holiday, know the best time to visit and why.

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How is the weather in Australia?

Australia’s weather widely varies all through its territories and eight states. Overall, four seasons exist in the nation, along with a dry and a wet season towards the northern tropic.

The seasons are contrary as compared to the locations of the northern hemisphere.

The four seasons fall as below:

  • Summer: December-February
  • Autumn: March-May
  • Winter: June – August
  • Spring: September-November
Melbourne skyline, AustraliaOriginal Source

Australian weather is less predictable, especially recently. This continent houses lots of attractive visiting places that lie in broad time zones. Concluding the right time to make a visit, therefore, is not so simple to streamline. However, based on your places of interest, budget, preferences, and flight prices, the best visit can be streamlined. Australia has something to offer each season for its tourists and locals.

Enjoy Australia’s beaches on January

For example, for beach lovers, the beaches of Sydney are best to visit from December through February. Summertime is loved by most of the visitors to get out in Australia. It is a suitable time for taking a plunge in the waters and hiking on Tasmania’s Overland Track.

Bondi Beach, Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaOriginal Source

Australia’s autumn and F1

Autumn time is the time for car racing lovers. This is when Melbourne organizes Formula 1-Grand Prix. It is also perfect for heading to Canberra town, where the town is lit with the autumn foliage. It’s a treat to the eyes. So, March through May in the autumn time to take a plunge for the event and views.

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2019 Australian Grand Prix: Race Highlights

Mid-year end falls from June through August and is the winter season in Australia. Snow skiing in the Australian alps is the highlight of this season for which visitors flock from all over the world. Head to the Simpson Desert or Great Barrier Reef’s Snorkeling trip during this winter. It’s a good winter getaway for you during the winter.

Spring; Wines and Whales

Spring season falling from September through November, you are welcomed to watch flowers in Margaret River wineries or watch the Australian whales of Western Australia.

Swimming with majestic humpback whales in Tonga’s deep sea | 60 Minutes Australia

In Tropical region, the Australian weather is contrary

May through October falls the dry season. The days are shining with the sun, and the skies are crystal clear. The highlights of this season are festivals, movies, and Darwin’s outdoor market.

December through March, the climate is wet . It has a humid and hot climate with few rainstorms. This is the time for watching grumbling waterfalls at Kakadu and Litchfield National parks. This is because the levels of water rise to the highest in this wet season. Witness lovely Australian waterfalls at Katherine George.

Jim Jim Falls, Kakadu National ParkOriginal Source

What is the best time overall to travel to Australia?

March-May and September-November are considered the best times to tour Australia. This is the most opted tourists’ time for a pleasant visit to Australia.

The key points of these months, which make them the best visit months are:

  • The climate during these months is not too cold nor too hot.
  • The climate makes it ideal for a walk through Australia.
  • The busy times of Christmas and summer breaks are avoided during these months.
  • The flights are affordable and in a good budget frame during this time to Australia.
  • Hotels and stay locations are not overcrowded and priced reasonably.
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As mentioned above, each season has something for its visitors. Let’s see what each season has in store for its visitors.

Australia by season

Australian summers

  • Starts from December up to February
  • Average Temperature range 15 deg C-30 deg C
  • The weather is very hot, with heat waves which can make your skin dry. Have sufficient water at different time intervals.
  • International cricket season and Australian New Year celebrations are primary during this season.
  • This season is signified for Australian coastline walks, golf courses, touring national parks, day spas, and vineyards. Perfect time to catch up-close wildlife interaction in Australia.
  • Take plenty of sunscreen.
Sydney, Australia in 4K

Australian autumn

  • It starts from March till May.
  • Average Temperature range 10 deg C-15 deg C
  • The atmosphere is filled with fresh air making it apt for coastal strolls.
  • This season is signified for wine festivals, Grand Prix, and fashion weeks.
  • Best time for camping along River Corridor of Murrumbidgee, Tasmainain’s white-water rafting.
  • This season is a busy tourist season in Australia with people visiting from different locations at this time.
  • Bring warm clothes.

Australian winter

  • It starts from June to August.
  • The average temperature range 15 deg C-26 deg C and can go up to 30 deg C and as low as 12 deg C.
  • Spurts of chill breezes and rainfall.
  • This season is signified for its Christmas events and brightness in the country.
  • Suitable time to enjoy snow activities at the Australian alps and diving at the Great barrier reef.
  • Take warm clothing to protect from the chilled climate.
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Melbourne, Australia ?? – by drone [4K]

Australian Spring

  • It starts from September-November.
  • Average Temperature range 11 deg C-23 deg C.
  • Warmer springs with light humidity.
  • This season is signified with spring festivities and celebrations.
  • Good time to surf, sea kayak, diving, canoe, wildlife interaction, and tour Kangaroo Island. Australia opens up to opera, blues, and jazz with the popular Melbourne cup. This is the right time to travel to Australia for an overall experience.
  • Canberra town is vibrant with spring blossoms in this season.
  • Busy time to visit, so plan.


As mentioned above, the best time to visit Australia is from March to May and September to November. The flights are cheaper and affordable from mid- April to late June. However, Australia has events, activities, and festivities all four seasons. Keeping the best events, occasions, and activities that you want to enjoy in Australia and combining them with the best weather and affordability is the key. Planning your visit to Australia during the high tourist times can be hectic. So plan to get the best of Australia at the best time to make a pleasurable time for you, your family, and friends.

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