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Canada has some really scenic and exotic travel destinations. One of these destinations is Banff which is a resort town in the province of Alberta. It is located within the Banff National Park. If you are planning to visit Banff, then you are going to love every bit of it. Before booking your tickets, you have to know what the best time to visit Banff is. Experience the skiing village and panoramic views along with the adventure and wilderness in Banff. With the beautiful mountains, crystal clear lakes and some picturesque waterfalls, Banff makes a dreamy destination for all the travellers. Whether you to enjoy hiking along the mountain trails or want to camp under the sky full of stars, you can experience everything!

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Climate of Banff

With the stunning scenic beauty to enjoy throughout the year, it is up to you what you want to experience. Banff in Canada experiences a subarctic climate. It lies almost 1388 meter above the sea level making the climate quite cold and temperate. You can also experience significant rainfall in every season. Here is the complete breakdown of the seasons and average temperature.

July to August

This is the summer season in Banff which is the shortest of all. July is the warmest month in the year. During the summer, Banff experiences low humidity along with pleasant warm temperatures. You can also get to enjoy long daylight hours. The average temperature during the daytime remains around 19 degree to 20 degree Celsius. But the temperature falls sharply during the night. The average night-time temperature can be 7 degree to 10 degree Celsius. UV rays can remain high during this time.

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Banff Summer Walk – Banff Avenue

September to October

This is the autumn or the fall season which is one of the most beautiful and colorful time. You will experience dwindling daylight hours along with some pleasant warm days. But you can get cool winds in the evening. During this time the average high temperature hovers from 9 degree to 13 degree Celsius. But the low temperature can hover between 3 degree and -2 degree Celsius. The humidity, at this time, remains 60% to 80%. You can expect light showers or even snowfall during this time.

November to March

Banff in WinterOriginal Source

This is the winter season which is the longest of all. Banff experience a chilling and freezing winter which can last for about 5 to 6 months. During this time the temperature remains below freezing point most of the time. The temperature hovers between -10 degree Celsius and -33 degree Celsius. But Banff sometimes enjoys Chinook which is a wintertime warm wind that can bring the temperature like that of the spring time. This can last for some days or even few weeks. This town experiences maximum snow in December. This is the best time to visit Banff for those who want to experience winter sports like skiing and skating.

April to June

This is the spring season in Banff. During this time, warming temperature starts to melt away the winter from the valleys. You can also expect a lot of rainfall during this time. In June, you can experience the most rainfall but it also has the most daylight hours. Though the warm temperature prevails and you can expect the snow to melt, some of the high altitude mountain trails and passes remain covered with snow until the mid-summer.

Banff – A winter Wonderland

When is the best time to visit Banff?

To determine the best time of the year for you to visit Banff, you have to determine the purpose of your visit. Generally, people visit Banff either during the summer season or during the winter season. We will discuss both:

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Visit during summer

If you are a nature lover and want to experience the warm weather for camping, enjoying parks and hiking, then the best time to visit Banff is summer. It is from July to August. Though some of the tourists come in June, you can experience a lot of rainfall during that time. You can enjoy the best time in Banff during the end of June to mid-July because you will not experience a lot of crowds. Hence, you will get the hotel rates and airfares at a much reasonable price.

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But from the July end to August end, you can experience huge crowd. This is the peak season for the tourists to come to Banff. During this time, you can have trouble getting hotels at discounted rates. Most of the hotels remain full and you may have to manage other means of accommodations. Also, the airfare remains at the peak during this time.

Visit during winter

On the other hand, if you are more of an adventurous traveller and love to experience skiing and other winter sports, then this is the right time to visit Banff. Skiing can be done from the early December to March. You can also try sleigh rides, snowshoeing and ice skating during this time. Often, depending on the snow fall and other climatic conditions, these winter sports activities are continued till the month of April.

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Also, you can enjoy the essence of Christmas and New Year during this time. Banff has a very traditional way of celebrating Christmas and you will surely love to experience that. During this time, many people love to visit Banff to experience the holiday vacation. So, you can expect a very busy time by the end of December with high hotel prices and airfares. But you may not see a lot of crowd on the streets.

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Whether you decide to visit Banff during the summer or winter, you need to carry an umbrella, a hat and pair of goggles. As much as you can experience rainfall anytime in the year, there UV rate remains high throughout the year. Make sure to use the umbrella, hat or sunglasses to prevent getting sunburnt. With everything being clearly mentioned, it is up to you to decide the best time to visit Banff for you. Consider the things that you want to enjoy or experience in Banff and based on that, the decision is quite easy to take.

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