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London is one of the most beautiful cities and a popular destination for travelling too. Rich in cultural heritages, great history and beautiful scenic beauty, your visit to London can be an unforgettable experience. But before you visit this amazing place, you need to make sure that you are visiting at the right time of the year. Though London is a mild-climatic place and can be visited anytime of the year, you need to have the knowledge about the best time to visit London. If you are planning for your visit to London, then you are at the right place. Read on to know more about it.

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Climate of London

London is the capital city of United Kingdom and it has a temperate climate. The temperature, generally, remains within moderate to high during the summer. And in winters, London has cold temperature. Of course, you can expect some light snowfall during the winter season. But the only drawback is that the rain. You can expect rainfall throughout the year in London. What do the four seasons in London look like? Here is the complete explanation:

March to May

This is the spring time in London and it is one of the most pleasant times of the year. The temperature, generally, hovers around 20 degree Celsius. In these 3 months, you can enjoy longer daylight with a pleasant weather. You can expect few showers in this time and you need to carry the umbrella. Public holidays like Easter and Good Friday fall under this season.

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June to August

This is the time when you get to enjoy the London to the fullest. With a perfect mix of sunshine and rain, this is the most pleasant time to visit here. The temperature during the summer season varies from 13 degree Celsius to 30 degree Celsius. You can witness some really happening outdoor music festivals and activities.

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September to November

After the beautiful summer season, comes the autumn or the fall season. The temperature, at this time, shoots down and varies from 11 degree Celsius to 15 degree Celsius. With the moderate temperature, London allows you to have fun and enjoy around the city. During this season, you can enjoy the Halloween, pre-Christmas celebrations and the wintry vibe. Definitely, you cannot miss the amazing experience of enjoying the autumn colors during this time. It like the whole city is draped in golden and yellow.

December to February

As London is situated in the Northern Hemisphere, it experience winter during this time of the year. Though winter in London can be really very cold and chilling, it can be a great experience for you. The temperature can drop to 1 degree Celsius and even below that. The average temperature ranged between 1 degree Celsius and 8 degree Celsius during the winter season.

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What is the best time to visit London?

Most of the tourists in London visit during the spring and the summer time. From the March to May, the temperature remains mild and the city parks starts to get greener. But if ask about the best time to visit London it has to be the summer season. It is the prime tourist season and you can notice a surge in the flight prices during this time. As mentioned above, the temperature remains perfectly moderate and pleasant at this time.

Also, the city hosts a number of gorgeous and happening events at this time of the year. You can feel the vibe and buzz of the London city-life during these months. You need to make sure that you are enjoying the outdoor activities to the fullest as these are worth experiencing. You can also witness the outdoor cinemas and some music events at this time. Even the gardens and parks look the best at this time. You can enjoy some amazing time with your family or friends at the rooftop bars and enjoy the beautiful cityscape from there.

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As summer is the perfect time to visit London you can expect a lot of tourists there. So, crowded place is quite common. Also, you have to keep your raincoat or umbrella handy all the time while you visit London. Rain can be a regular element throughout the year. It is more common during the summer season. Besides the crowds and the rain, London is a magical place to be during the summers.

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Visit London in fall or winter

Though the best time to visit London is during the spring or summer, you cannot completely rule out the perks of visiting London during the fall or winter. One of the best perks of visiting the city during the fall or winter is lesser crowd. Due to extreme cold, London witnesses a significant drop in the tourist count. You can enjoy exploring the city and visit the tourist spots without the crowds of tourists around you. During the fall, you can have a beautiful scenic experience when the city turned completely golden in the autumn colors.

You can also have a great experience enjoying the beautiful Christmas here during the winter season. December in London is quite incredibly popular due to its Christmas vibe and events. Every nook and corner of the city is decorated beautifully during this time. Even the Christmas market comes alive at this time. Though the weather can be quite chilly, a thick overcoat can easily beat the cold and make you feel comfortable. You can expect snow as well as rain in London during the winter season. But we must say that London has its own charm during this time of the year.

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Now, you exactly know when it is the best time to visit London. Generally, it depends on the people’s choice. While most of the people like to visit during the spring or summer season, some also love to visit during the winter season. Every season has its own perks and drawbacks. You have to determine what you like the most? If you want lesser crowds and can bear the chilling cold, then winter is the right time for you. But if you want to enjoy London with moderate to warm temperature, then summer or spring is the right time for you. Plan the visit according to your preferences to enjoy the time to the fullest. Be it summer or winter, you can have a great time exploring every bit of London, the capital city of England.

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