Best time to visit Maldives

The best time to visit Maldives is from October end/November to April. This is because the weather is tropical and warm during this time. The average low temperature lesser than 24 deg C, which is rare, and the average high temperature is constant from 29 deg C to 31 deg C all year round. October-November is also the time when you get to see awesome whale sharks. The Maldives is amongst very few locations globally where this memorable encounter can be cherished.

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About the Maldives

The republic of Maldives or Maldives is a small country situated in the Arabian Sea. It is one of the most scenic and picturesque Asian countries. It is located on the equator. Honeymooners and families well seek this location. This location is sunny and hot all over the year. The temperatures generally range from 23 deg C to 31 deg C on average. Since there are no marked winters in this place, you can consider visiting the Maldives throughout the year. However, mid of November to early April make visitors ideal for its dry and welcoming weather. The wet season starts from May till November also has its share to visit with leading festivals of the location and to enjoy the native culture of Maldives. However, the water may not seem as attractive.

Other months

The other months of the year, like from Jan-April being the driest months with low humidity and some rain while May-Dec stands a storm risk with likely showers. May to Dec months have warm temperatures while Jan-April is peak times of visit with resorts being filled up quickly. These periods also have good sunshine. For tourists, there stands a high chance of discounts and travel offers to the Maldives during this time.

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Climatic conditions

May-November temperatures range from 25 deg C to 30 deg C while temperatures from December to April range from 28 deg C to 30 deg C.

What makes Maldives special to visit?

The Maldives comprises 1,190 islands, which are a significant attraction to any tourist all over the world. Continent wise, it is the smallest with a land area of 298 These islands are laid out uniquely into 26 coral double-chained atolls. These coral atolls extend to a place of over 35k sq. miles. These atolls have vibrant coral reef and variety. They teem with variant underwater aquatic life. These include sea turtles, dolphins, fish, and whales. Of these islands, 200 islands are inhabited, and 80 of the islands welcome tourists with their tourist resorts.

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Mid-November/December to April- Dry season

This is the best time to visit the Maldives.

Why visit this time?

  • Suitable temperature-Temperatures are around 31 deg C during the daytime while about 24 deg C during nighttime. This is the dry season.
  • Activities- This time is ideal for sightseeing, water sports, cultural activities, and enjoying the native cuisine. Visibility is excellent, with northeastern currents starting to flow. Enjoy in the fantastic coral reef-protected lagoons and some other atolls along with beautiful beaches.
  • Festivals- In this period, a significant celebration that takes place in the Maldives is Mawlid. It means the Prophet Muhammad’s birth. It is a famous festival that takes place in November in a carnival-style. It is celebrated for more than 2 days. You will see decorated mosques and huge processions on the streets.
  • Weather- The climate is not very humid, dry, moderate in temperature, and quite pleasant. April is the best swimming month in the Maldives as the sea temperature is about 30 deg C on average.
  • Food and Cuisine– the Maldives offers several options for native food and Indian food. There are many food styles from all over the globe too. Starches, coconuts, and fish make the traditional Maldivian food. Some food items that mark the local cuisine are wahoo, yellowfin tuna, skipjack tuna, and frigate tuna. You will find rich curries and spice blends in their food due to their Indian influence.
  • Importance- These months are the best time to visit as the best is available during this time. The environment is busy and rejoicing with populated locations.
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Bottom line

These seasons are all-around seasons of beauty in the Maldives with clear dry weather and convenient temperatures. A warm climate and minimal precipitation give you the perfect tourist set up. The rainfall is relatively light that is enjoyable equally. Enjoy the lagoons and coral reef atolls.

Before you visit

The Maldives is very crowded in this season. Each resort here has its island but detached from other islands. You may encounter huge crowds during this vacation season. Check out the islands to suit your preferences. Sun Island, Banana Reef, Baros, North Mal-Atoll, and Nalaguraidhoo Island are some recommended islands. The most rated attraction is the HP Reef. It is a marine area that is protected and full of marine life.

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Some tips

  • Costs and hotel costs are very high during this season.
  • If you want to save a couple of bucks, your visit could be organized in April.
  • April is the end of the busy season and the beginning of lean months.
  • Avoid carrying tobacco and related products, pork, and religious texts as the law is strict.
  • Check the costs of water activities here by comparing them with other offers before booking.

Visiting the Maldives all over the year


Lots of warmth and sunshine, the right time to have a beach holiday. Visibility is good, and so right time for snorkeling and diving. Booking is suggested.

February till March

Driest months, low humidity, warm temperature, and good visibility during this time. An ideal time for snorkeling and diving.


Lots of sunshine and good visibility but a risk of high rain during the month-end.

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May till November

Wet season with September month being the wettest month. Water venturing is risky but a time famous with water surfers. This is because of the better swells and big waves ideal for water surfing. Enjoy Maldives Independence Day, and Ramadan falls in this period, and traditional delicacies can be enjoyed. A huge number of reef sharks and hammerhead sharks are visible during this time.


Christmas travel but the risk of storms and rain.


The best time to visit the Maldives is from November/December to March. This marks the peak season for tourists. You get the best of the location most of the time throughout the year. However, the dry season is the best time to enjoy the place to its fullest.

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