Best time to visit Morocco

Best time to visit Morocco

There are lots of destinations around the world worth visiting once in your lifetime. These places provide us with the unique culture of the places along with their history, art, religion and way of living. Morocco is one such destination which is termed as an exotic destination in the world.

It is because the people of Morocco and their culture is one which is quite different from the rest of the world. It has coastlines, deserts, mountains and picturesque landscapes offering travelers diverse experiences all year round. This North African country can be an unique travel destination and should be visited by everyone having Africa on their itinerary list.

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In this article, we are going to talk about the best time to visit Morocco for a memorable and pleasant experience.

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Weather in Morocco

For many people and tourists out there, the weather of Morocco can be a large determining factor for the best possible time for travelling over there. The weather is seasonal just like any other countries in the North hemisphere.

The winter over there lasts from the months of December till February and also the months of June till August constitute the summer part.

Summer in Morocco

During the months of summer, the weather there can get extremely hot. This is specially applicable for Fez, Marrakesh and some parts of south western Morocco. The regions get hotter as you navigate closer towards the desert.

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Some destinations along the coats like Rabat, Tangier and Essaouira can be more comfortable during this time. There is a presence of a chilly ocean breeze over there and can be compared with a vacation during the months of summer in Europe. Thus, in summer, people generally decide to travel to these destinations as the summer heat is usually not present in these areas, making their vacation more comfortable and productive.

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Winter in Morocco

Winters in Morocco are milder in nature. However, in some places the temperature can fall as low as minus 26 degrees Fahrenheit, which was once recorded at Marrakesh. Snowfall is not an unusual factor in Morocco and travelers yearning for a bit of snowfall can opt to visit the famed Atlas mountains.

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Visitors can even experience skiing at Oukaimeden, which is located 80 kms south of the region of Marrakesh, from the main city. Winters here in the northern part of the region and also along the coastlines can experience heavy rainfall, while winter season in the southern part of the country are much drier, however, colder, in comparison with the northern parts.

Best time to visit the Atlas mountains

If you plan on trekking on the Atlas mountains, the best time for you would be during the Spring and fall seasons. Although, the Atlas mountains experiences summers which are generally sunny and mild, sometimes temperatures in valleys exceed 85 Fahrenheit.

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There is also occurrence of thunderstorms in the afternoon. In winter, the temperatures at night can drop below 40 degrees Fahrenheit and can go even lower. On the other hand, Snow precautions like ice axes and crampons can be required above more than 9,900 feet. Weather is highly unpredictable at all times and conditions of your travel depend on which part of the elevation you plan on trekking upon.

Best time for visiting the beaches

The beaches in Morocco are best to visit during the summer time. The temperature is usually average at this time during the year. Visitors get have multiple opportunities in a lot of water sport options and generally sun bathing in the beach is also quite comfortable.

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However, summer in the beaches is one of the peak season for tourists from all over the world. So be sure you book in advance if you have plans on visiting the beaches in summer. If you want to avoid the crowds, you can consider visiting during spring or even fall season.

Top spots for surfing include Agadir and Taghazout in the months of winter. The swell here is generally good during this time and the surf breaks also operate well. The average temperature in December in Taghazout is around 60 degrees Fahrenheit and one usually requires a thin wet suit to keep them warm during the day.

Best time for visiting Sahara desert

The best time to visit the famous Sahara desert is during the months of spring or fall. Doing so, one can avoid the landscape which becomes bone dry and temperatures which can get quite scorching during the day.

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However, at all times during the year, the temperature in deserts tends to plummet down after darkness. So it is best if you carry some warm garments with you.

Although Spring can be a great time for visiting the desert, there can be occurrences of sand storms in the desert during the months of April.

Festivals in Morocco

Morocco is a place which sees a host of different festivals and events which occur year round.

Some festivals like the Erfound Date festival and the festival of Kelaa des Mgouna take place during October and April respectively.

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Other types of festivals like Essaouira Gnaoua and the festival of World Music take place during the months of summer, when the weather is good.

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Thus, if you plan to travel here for witnessing some traditional festivals, it is best to do so in the months of summer.

However, you should enquire properly about the dates of festivals beforehand so you do not miss out on any of the good stuff.

Final thoughts

The best time for visiting Morocco depends on the kind of weather you would like to experience over there.

Although the tourist seasons is in the months of spring and fall, many people opt to visit the coastal areas in the summer months.

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Thus, it totally comes down to what you can live with and what is best suited for you. If you like avoiding large crowds and extremes in temperature a fun thing for you, you can always visit Morocco in the winter months. However, if you are like most people you would definitely want to visit this place during the months of Spring and fall.

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