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When you are planning a vacation, there are a lot of factors that you should keep in mind. The most important being the weather of the place you are about to visit. This will have a huge impact on your vacation and also determine how you spend it. Taking the weather of a place into consideration is one of the most critical aspects of holiday planning. You want to be sure that the weather is perfect, there are few crowds, items have cheaper rates and also you do not miss out on some of the major events. New York is a place where is a lot of activities going around all throughout the year. The seasons there are beautiful in their own charming way. In this article, we present to you a guide on the best time to visit New York city.

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Different seasons have different things to offer

The seasons in New York depend on the number of people visiting it al throughout the year. Different people have different likes and some like the busy hustle and bustle of the city during its prime high season. Some people like the streets empty with lesser number of people like in the low season. Some people simply want to revel in the beauty of the city which can be seen in spring and autumn months. The city has different treats to offer people all throughout the year and never fails to amaze tourists. Down below we have the three main seasons for visiting New York which all comes down to your personal preference.

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High Season

New York has over 8.5 million people and over 62 million people visit the city every year. Most of these tourists arrive in high season which is from April to June. There are a lot of international travelers also in the city. The city also has a great number of crowds who throng in to see the attractions all over the city. Christmas and Thanksgiving also see a large number of people from different parts of the world gathering in the famous Times Square.

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It is at this time of the year the prices of air fare and hotel rooms reach the top and it can be difficult getting accommodation in a good budget friendly place. If you are a fan of crowds and large gatherings and events, this time of the year should be just about right for you to visit New York. You can expect to find live shows of some major artists and some of the best music festivals of the world happening at this time.

Shoulder Season

Shoulder season is the period in spring and autumn where the weather is pleasant. There is a significant drop in the number of tourists at this time. It is at this time of the year that you can expect to get some deals on hotels and events happening around the city. The temperature is pleasant and pretty chilled at night. This time of New York is best for walking or hiking or spending some along time by yourself. The natural flora is beautiful at this time with leaves and flowers blooming or trees completely shredded.

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The sunsets are particularly breathtaking and make some of the best photos the city has to offer. Thus, if you do not like the hustle and bustle of high season, you can opt to visit New York city in the shoulder seasons. The roads are much quieter at this time with few traffic. It can be easier to get reservations at some great homestays at a fraction of their original price. Restaurants and cafes also shell out special deals and dinner nights with discounts on buffet and A la carte.

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Low Season

Low season in New York is the winter months from January to March. The city witnesses a large number of snow storms and there are occasional hurricanes also in the outskirts of the city. You can expect temperatures to get very low at this time of the year. Hence there is the lowest number of tourists at this time. However, the city never stops and you can expect to catch a glimpse of some famous music festivals which happen at this time. The streets are beautifully decorated with lamps and the city’s nightlife gets buzzing with people lining up for concerts and shows. You can expect to attend some of the best parties here also if you are lucky enough. Air fare and hotels are priced incredibly low and you can expect to a grab a great deal at some of the city’s best hotels. Thus, this season is one of the best for travelling to New York on a budget.

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You can also expect to find great deals on cafes and bars which are known for their live music and performances. If you do not mind the cold and extremes of temperature, then this time of the year might be the best for you to visit New York. Get ready to indulge in some of the best winter sports at the gaming arenas which are some of the major events at this time. From basketball to soccer, you can watch games of the best clubs here at this time. Low season definitely caters to people searching for solitude in this glorious city and can be a different time of the year altogether to visit New York.

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The best time for visiting New York city depends on the way you like your travel destinations to be. Each season has something unique to offer on its own. It can be an exciting experience figuring out which time of the year you like New York the best and visit it. The different seasons are a reflection of the diversity and culture that this city has to offer. Visit New York in your favorite season, discover a whole new way of experiencing your love for travel and make your vacation an exciting and memorable one.

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