Best time to visit Norway

Best time to visit Norway

When it comes to the natural beauty of the mountains and rivers and islands, Norway is unsurpassable. If you’re a thrill-seeking adventurer, then the Scandinavian region of Norway is calling you.

You might be wondering, why is Norway such an amazingly serene and beautiful travel destination. Well, if you’re seeking answers, you’re in the right place. That’s exactly what we’re here to tell you.

In this article, we’re going to talk about why Norway is such a popular tourist destination along with the best time to visit Norway if you’re a tourist. We’re also going to touch on the topic of the best places to visit in Norway, so sit back, relax, and read this article till the end.

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Why is Norway Such a Popular Tourist Destination?

Norway is a Nordic country in the Northern part of Europe that comprises the western and northernmost regions of the Scandinavian Peninsula. It is an incredibly beautiful country.

It is so popular among tourists because of the mesmerizing Fjords, mountains, delicious food, cold weather, and mythological tales tied to the region. These are the things that make Norway such a popular tourist destination.

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With a population of 5.3 million, Norway is one of the less populated regions of Northern Europe. However, tourism is a booming industry in this country.

In 2015, over 8 million tourists made their way to Norway. And we think that you need to be one of them in order to truly encapsulate everything there is to behold in the country, the next time you think of having a vacation with your friends and family.

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Best Time to Visit Norway

Norway is a beautiful country and you can visit it any time throughout the year. However, if you’re someone who enjoys no rush, cheap tourism prices, and affordable tickets, then definitely you’re looking for the best time of the year to visit Norway. If that’s so, then let us tell you that the best time to visit Norway in the year is either March to May or September to November.

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Depending upon the time of the year, the crowd, prices, hotels, and tourist attraction prices are going to be different. Let’s take a look at each of the different periods of the year and how tourism is, in each of those periods of the year.

March to May

Spring season, from March to May is just the best time to visit Norway. The temperature is mild, nature is at its best and there isn’t a lot of crowd around either.

Because of this reason, accommodation and traveling along with tourism prices are low and you can have a fun and exciting adventure with your friends and family in the Fjords of Norway.

June to August

Summer, the peak season of tourism in Norway. The temperature is slightly warm. The months of June to August are the ones which most tourists choose to visit Norway.

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Due to this reason, if you’re thinking of visiting, you’re going to experience higher accommodation prices, tourism costs, and travel expenses as well. So, you should wait around for the early fall if you’re thinking of having an overall great tour with your family.

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September to November

Fall, the months from September to November are also a great time to visit Norway actually. In these months, the weather is cold but not too much and the tourism is lower than the peak.

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The prices start to fall at this time of the year and you’ll be able to experience nature at its fullest without the hustle and bustle of incredible amounts of the crowd in the area.

Rest of the Year

The rest of the year is not a great option either. The reason is that the weather is too cold from December to February. It’s better if you avoid going in this time of the year because the weather might put a halt to the incredible fun that you can have in the amazing country of Norway.

Places to Visit in Norway

There are many mind-bogglingly beautiful places and destinations to visit in Norway. We’ve made a list of the best places so you can take a reference and have a memorable adventure with your friends and family without having to scour the internet for the best tourist destinations.

Pulpit Rock

If you’re a fan of trekking and hiking, Pulpit Rock is the best attraction for you in Norway. You’re going to have to take ferry and bus rides from Stavanger and then an uphill hike of more than a couple of hours to reach this place. However, once you get there, there’s a beautiful sight to see.

Pulpit Rock, NorwayOriginal Source


Known as a center of industry and a fishing village, Tromsø is a densely populated area that houses many beautiful huts and hotels. Tourists gather here to take a gander at the amazing Northern Lights and that is why you should definitely visit Tromsø once you go to Norway with your friends and family.

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Tromsø, NorwayOriginal Source

Viking Ship Museum

The biggest museum dedicated to the pillaging ancestors of the Norwegian people the Viking Ship Museum houses many enormous ships that the Vikings used in their sea-travel. You can visit the museum and glance at these beautiful ships that once sailed all of Europe and even further.

Viking Ship Museum, NorwayOriginal Source

Lofoten Islands

Known for the fishing, beaches, village life, and beautiful shores, the Lofoten Islands are also an incredibly popular tourist destination. If you’re going to Norway, definitely make your way down to the Islands to have a taste of the culture of Norway.

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Norway is simply one of the best travel destinations if you’re a nature lover. Standing on the edge of a mountain, in the wind, and looking to the horizon – there aren’t many other things that can provide you the same kind of adrenaline.

That’s why, if you take our advice, go to Norway at the best time of the year and go to the amazing tourist attractions that we’ve mentioned, we assure you that you’re going to have an amazing time there.

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