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Are you planning to visit Peru as your next travel destination? Well, it is a beautiful and exotic country in South America which is rich is cultural and architectural sites. With a part of Amazon rainforest as well as Andes Mountains along with the arid Pacific coastline, this country is surely one of the most favorite destinations for most of travel enthusiasts. But you need make sure that you are picking the right time to enjoy and experience the spectacular locations to the fullest. So, when is it the best time to visit Peru? Peru is a massive country and the right time to visit here depend upon which part of this country you want to explore and what activities you are willing to take part in.

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Climatic Condition of Peru

Peru lies in the southern hemisphere and it is located on the equatorial area. But the climate of Peru doesn’t depend on the geographical location that much because of the two main factors – the cold marine Peruvian current and the Andean mountain range. As Peru is located in the southern hemisphere, the climatic seasons are:

  • Autumn: April to June
  • Winter: June to September
  • Spring: October to December
  • Summer: January to March

But the exact weather and temperature varies according to the area in Peru. As mentioned above, Peru is divided into 3 major zones – coastal area, mountainous region and forest area.

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The desert coastal strip which is also called la Costa has a mild climate and this region remains foggy and cloudy during the winter season. But it is pleasantly warm during the summer season.

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The Andean mountainous region which is also called la Sierra has a more and less cool or colder climate throughout the year. This is due to the altitude of this region.

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The Amazonian forest region which covers a large part of the eastern area is also called la Selva. Generally, this area experiences a hot and humid climate throughout the year.

When to visit Peru?

As mentioned above, if you are trying to find the best time to visit Peru then you will have to figure out which part you want to explore. We are here to provide you with all the information about when it will be the best time for you to visit all the 3 different regions of Peru.

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The Desert Coast (la Costa)

The most beautiful city that falls under this region is Lima. It is also the capital of Peru and it lies on the beautiful arid Pacific coast. The best time to visit the coastal region in Peru is in the fall to winter season i.e. from May to September. The weather, at this time, remains pleasant and comfortable in opposed to the summer season which is much humid and warm. You can expect the temperature to hover around 15 degree Celsius to 20 degree Celsius in the winter season.

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At this time you can also enjoy swimming too. But due to the Humboldt Current, the water will remain somewhat cool to cost during the winter. So, whether you want to swim or surf, it is better to carry a wetsuit. You can expect occasional shower over Lima but there is hardly any rain in the desert coast. But due to some shift in the ocean currents, this area may experience some torrential downpours too. The peak time here is during June to August with lots of crowds in all the popular sites.

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The Andean Mountainous Region (la Sierra)

If you want to explore the most of the Peruvian Andes, then the best time to visit is by June to October. The Andes Mountain can experience heavy shower from December to March making it an inappropriate time to visit the mountains. Being relatively dryer, June to October can help to enjoy this region to the fullest. But the temperature in the day and the temperature at night can be quite different. So, make sure to pack some warm clothes and layers to keep yourself comfortable and cozy at night.

Whereas the temperature during the day time can hover between 20 degree Celsius and 25 degree Celsius, the temperature can drop down sharply to even 0 degree Celsius. Depending on different factors, the temperature can also drop below 0 too. If you are visiting the Peruvian Andes during September or October, then make sure to carry an umbrella or raincoat. You can expect some drizzles at this time.

The Amazonian Forest (la Selva)

The Amazonian rainforest of Peru has a beautiful sub-tropical climate. Hence, the best time to visit Peru if you want to enjoy the rainforest is from November to April. At this time, you can expect a lot of rainfall in Peru. The rain can make the forest look even more beautiful and greener. Though the daytime remains warm and humid, the nights can get cooler. It is not surprising at all, if you experience humidity in the rainforest throughout the year.

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You can experience an average temperature of 28 degree Celsius to 32 degree Celsius during the daytime in the Amazonian forest of Peru. The temperature can vary from 19 degree Celsius to 22 degree Celsius at night. But due to the heavy rainfall, you can experience a pleasant coolness throughout the day. The peak season of visiting the Peruvian Amazon is January to March. You can expect a lot of difficulty in travelling and getting proper accommodations. Try to visit here by December, to get better availability of the hotels and lower airfares. Don’t forget to pack umbrella, raincoat and headlamps when visiting Amazon rainforest.


So, this is all about the climatic differences and temperature of Peru. When visiting Peru, you have to decide which part you want to explore. Based on that you can determine which will be the best time to visit Peru. As mentioned above, Peru is divided into 3 major geographical regions. As a tourist, you will have to decide which part of Peru you will like to visit and explore. This will help you to figure out which is the right time to book the tickets and what you need to pack.

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