Best time to visit Portugal

Are you planning to visit Portugal? Are you wondering what is the best time to visit Portugal? If so, then don’t worry because we are here. In this article, we are going to tell you what time is best for visiting Portugal.

The perfect times to have a visit to Portugal are early fall and spring. At these, the crowds are so less and the prices of accommodation are so low. Also, the temperature at this time is warm, not scorching. In the times of early fall, you can enjoy swimming as well because the water stays warm during fall. To explore the hills and corners of Sintra and Lisbon, the temperature of mild spring is just perfect.

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Now, we will be discussing the right time to visit Portugal according to different things.

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The Best Time to Visit Portugal for Great Weather

The weather of islands and the weather of the Mainland differs in Portugal. For visiting the Mainland, the perfect time is between the months of April-June and September-October. To visit the Azores, the perfect time is from April to September. All the other months are rainy and cool.


The Best Time to visit Portugal for Sightseeing

The perfect timing to take the pleasure of seeing the sights in Portugal is May and April. Also, you can visit from the mid of September to mid of October. In comparison to the mid and late summers, the weather stays calm and pleasant and the crowd is less at this time.

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At these times, so many events and festivals come and the temperature is quite low at this time, which makes the hike even more organized and manageable. The harvest season of the Douro region in the early fall, adds to one more place of sightseeing.

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Moreover, the Azores and Porto have high levels of precipitation the whole year except in August and July. Because in those months, the weather is scorching hot and it is too crowded. So, the right time to visit Porto and Azores for sightseeing is in April, May, June. In these months it’s just perfect for all the activities including transportation and weather.

The Best Time to Visit Portugal for Surfing

No doubt, Portugal is the best place! It has 1800 kilometers of coastline and also the Azores Islands. Overall, it has all kinds of surf spots available.

Moreover, the most popular surfing spots are Peniche, Ericeira, Nazare, Algarve, Peniche, and Lisbon. In Europe, the only surfing reserve is Ericeira. Other than this, it has a total of six main beaches for surfing.

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Other than this, one can surf anytime in a year, but the perfect season to surf when the weather is pleasant is from September to November. Also, it is favorable because of the cool winds, consistent swells. Moreover, the months of winter are comparatively stormy and dangerous.

The Best Time to visit Portugal for Wine

The Douro Valley of Portugal is the very first region of demarcated wine in the whole world. Most importantly, it is awarded by UNESCO as world heritage. The right time to take a visit is September and October where you can take pleasure of the harvest of grape, the scenery of early autumn, and other sites. And also, the weather and temperature are comfortable enough to walk or cycle. During the harvest season of grapes, so many different kinds of experiences and activities are also available. Some of those activities are producing wine, participating in the harvest, and the harvest tours as well.

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However, the months of July and August are so hot and they are not ideal for cycling and walking. That is why avoid visiting there in these two months.

The Right Time to Take a Visit to Lisbon

You can take a visit to Lisbon in the mid-spring, late spring, or fall. Both periods have mild weather and the crowds are lesser. Also, the queues are shorter in comparison to the summer season. Most importantly, the fares and the rates of the room are generally lower and they make these seasons a perfect and budget-friendly time for traveling.
Lisbon, Portugal Walking Tour

Moreover, the atmosphere is also lively around the streets and the whole weather stays sunny and mild. If we talk about the perfect time to visit, then it’s June and September, because of the fair weather and less crowd. That timing will be perfect as the weather at that time is pleasant. However, if you are the one who wishes to swim, then May and October would be favorable. The warmest temperature in September at 20ºC.

The Perfect time to Visit Palaces & Sintras

Sintra is a worlds heritage site as declared by UNESCO. It takes only 40 minutes from Lisbon to reach this most famous one-day destination for trips. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions. It is best known for the castles, palaces, and charming towns. Moreover, Palacio pena, Palacio Nacional De Sintra, and the Castles of the Moor are incredibly popular.

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We would recommend you to go to Palacio Pena in the early morning when there are not many people and the tour buses are available. Make sure to buy the tickets online to avoid the long queues.

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The Castle of Moors and The Palacio Da Pena, these both are situated at the peak of the Sintra Mountains, they are about 480 meters high from the sea level. The right time to visit is mid of springs and early time of autumn. This time is favorable because of the normal temperature and no chances of rain, because of these conditions hiking is possible.

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If you do not wish to do hiking, then various transportation choices are also available such as tuk-tuk or you can take a bus or train route too.


That’s all! Portugal is a wonderful place that offers so many aesthetic places. Overall, the perfect time to visit Portugal is the early fall or autumn.

So, what are you waiting for? Just plan a visit as soon as possible.

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