Best time to visit Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a great tropical getaway. The best time to visit Puerto Rico is based on your preference for weather, festivals, activities, and price variations. It is an all-round island and a fantastic place to visit. However, in general, thebest time to visitis from the midst of April-June. This is the time just before the summer and post the winter season. Another pleasant time is spring weather.

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Best season to visit Puerto Rico

  • The best weather, according to many visitors, is winter. This is, however, an expensive and very crowded time for a visit. Tourists may not be disappointed since, with good planning, you will end up getting good discounts and enjoy this place in this season.
  • Fall is a season of hurricanes, so be cautious before planning a trip. Temperatures of this island are 85 deg F on average.
  • The rainy season begins in May-October. However, rainy showers do not last for over 30 minutes. It is also called the rainy summer as the sun keeps shining 9 hours per day. Ocean waters are ideal for swimming with temperatures of 81 deg F.
  • September-November is the month that is best to avoid travel to Puerto Rico.
  • The dry or rainy season is not a recommended time to visit this location.
  • The most popular tourist month to pay a visit in March. Prices also will rise during this time.
  • April is warmer with a lesser crowd but will less rain.
  • May is rainy but brief.
  • June-July has an average rainfall of around 4″. Temperatures are ideal for swimming. Crowds are moderate.
  • June-November is months of hurricanes. Tourists need not fear any hurricane threat as they are very low. Even locals come with lots of warnings. It is currently safe and right to visit.
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Best time to visit Puerto Rico

Tourist seasons of Puerto Rico are split into two- one is peak time that is from December-May while the other is an off-peak time, which is from June-November.

Off-peak season: June-November

  • This is a little rainy time, but not too much. For a cheaper trip, you can opt for this time.
  • You can take a lookout at the best locations of Puerto Rico at this time happily as there is a lesser crowd.
  • You will find locals directing you to do cool activities that can be taken up throughout the year. Offseason traveling has its benefits. Enjoy the weekly events such as Rincon’s farmers market that runs all year round.
  • Puerto Rico has huge events that occur every month in leading cities. It has a good festival calendar. Locals let you take pleasure in these festivals without charging any fee.
  • January’s Three kings day to August’s Culinary Fest of San Juan is very popular amongst tourists.
  • Religious events and fiestas end with lots of feasting, drinking, and dancing.

For Beach Lovers-Best time to visit November-December

Beaches are Puerto Rico’s beauty, and the whole world loves them. Rincon or Culebra are famous spots for vocation. November-December, a time before peak season, is recommended for beach lovers. You can get good deals and a lesser crowd during winters.

La Fortaleza, Puerto RicoOriginal Source

Activities at Puerto Rico

April-June: Sea turtle viewing in Cabo Rajo and Rincon.


Camuy caves hiking is apt during the summer as it is chilly within the caves.

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Cave Tubing in Puerto Rico

Some other fantastic activities to enjoy here are:

  • Snorkeling
  • Tubing
  • Scuba diving
  • Hiking
  • Coffee tasting

The food at Puerto Rico

Traditional food all through the year and local delicacies to savor is a must for any tourist. Fried plantains, slow-roasted pork, pina coladas, locally grown coffee are some of them to try here in Puerto Rico.

One significant event of Puerto Rico is the Spoon Food Tour that is presented in San Juan is not to be missed. It is free and fun. It has restaurants owned by locals who put up local ingredients dishes for the visitors.

Isle of IcacosOrginal Source

Monthly Weather of Puerto Rico


It is one of the months with temperatures of 84 deg F during the daytime. It is the coldest month of the year. San Juan is warm daytime, but night temperatures fall below the 60s. It is also the start of the dry season.


This month has rain and the lowest temperatures of the year.


This is the busiest time in Puerto Rico for travel, with tourism at its peak point. The school gives a spring break. There are huge crowds at beaches. The hotels get expensive this month.

San Juan, Puerto RicoOriginal Source


The temperatures are higher than earlier months. Daytime temperatures at 86 deg F and night temperatures are convenient. This is an ideal time for beach lovers as the weather is good for swimming.


There’s a slight rise in temperatures. Rainfall rises to 6″ per month. It is also the end of the dry season and is considered the worst month to visit.

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This is a better month to visit beaches with daytime average temperatures of 89 deg F. Rainfall drops on an average to 4″.

Puerto Rico BeachesOriginal Source


This month is the start of the hurricane season in the Caribbean. However, rainfall does not ascend till July. Temperature is still at 89 deg F daytime. However, this month is also the worst visiting month for tourists.


Rainfall rises to 5″ and temperatures still are the same as June-July. Bad weather risk is high and so not suggested for a visit.


This month sees the lowest visitors as this is the worst hurricane seasonal month. The hotel prices are cheaper at this time. Some tourists still visit for a calm vacation.


This month has rainfall that is to the 3rd highest range. It is also the worst month for a visit.


This is a rainy time here. Tourism does get going slowly.


This month sees the highest tourism level in the year post-March. The temperatures as in January-March. Rainfall is at 4″.


Puerto Rico is an excellent getaway to the Caribbean. It is a leading Caribbean island and a cruise destination. The best time to visit Puerto Rico is from mid-April to June. This time is good for a visit but can get crowded too. Except for hurricane season, Puerto Rico is a visiting island for the rest of the time. The place offers activities such as scuba diving, hiking, tubing, visit caves, and festivities of the place. Planning well ahead can save you some bucks on good deals and offers of the place.

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