Best time to visit Scotland

So many people, when they travel to Scotland and see the weather, they ask themself; What is the best time to visit Scotland?

Scotland's highlands and a beautiful lake
Scotland’s highlands and a beautiful lakeOriginal Source

A fantastic country. I love it; boundless landscapes of green hills, beautiful cities to visit, and welcoming people—Avery great land to explore, live, and visit.

Scotland is a genuinely mythical land, different from neighboring England; for those who love cold and winter climates, you could visit it 12 months a year, even each month. You would still find Scotland a little different but always beautiful, enjoying the snow and the cold and maybe observe a snowy landscape from the window with a lit fireplace that warms the room; nothing better for me!

Specific tastes change, and if you want to visit these magnificent landscapes, winter is not appropriate.

Scotland landscapes
Scotland landscapesOriginal Source

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Spring and summer: Scotland’s best seasons

From May to September, we find the best months to get to know it and turn amid these landscapes that look like real paintings.

The main problems come when we have to choose what to see; going throw the historical castles to enjoy the cliffs overlooking the north’s cold waters.

Or maybe go in the most jagged corner of green Britain, full of breathtaking landscapes, parks and nature reserves, rolling hills and countryside as far as the eye can see, alternate with small villages. In these archaeological sites, gigantic “menhirs” draw mysterious shapes rising towards the sky and creating a magical atmosphere.

menhirs – isle of lewisOriginal Source

A trip to Scotland means discovering the wonders of an ancient natural world, full of history, traditions, and fantastic cities full of originality and traditions.

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Edinburgh, Glasgow and the Highlands

The capital Edinburgh undoubtedly represents the difference between modernity and tradition, in the Old Town and the New Town. Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland, with its contrast between ancient and modern, is full of museums and art galleries. Inverness, the capital of the Highlands, to be experienced by wandering the streets of the center between the Castle, the Cathedral, along the river “Ness” with long walks; the Highlands, between castles and lakes, including the famous Loch Ness, with the Rocky Mountains and lush hills as a backdrop;

Edinburgh CastleOriginal Source

Aberdeen, located directly on the sea, with its granite constructions and outdoor life amidst verdant parks or small beaches just outside the center, full of trendy clubs and shops. With its very fragrant whiskey, Scotland is an enchanted place that will enrich our soul with splendor and knowledge.

Aberdeen – ScotlandOriginal Source

The long days during late spring and early summer are the best for a trip to Scotland when rainfall is less frequent, and winds are less intense.

A fascinating nation with incredible stories that are accompanied by somewhat unpredictable weather variations; at certain times of the year, you can witness the four seasons in less than an hour!

But it’s certainly worth it.

August; The best month for tourists

The month that is best for a Scottish visit is undoubtedly August, which is also the month that attracts the most tourists from all over the world.

August has countless advantages. The climate is relatively mild, while the hours of light favor outdoor activities, such as excursions and visits to the numerous castles; it is also a period characterized by multiple festivals.

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Edinburgh: City of summer festivals

At Edinburgh, the “Military Tattoo” is the largest and most spectacular military parade globally. In fact, in August, bands of musicians and dancers parade through the city, creating a music and dance environment that mixes tradition and innovation. Instead, the Edinburgh International Festival takes place in the second half of August. Initially focused only on opera, it is currently a festival that boasts a rich program ranging from theatrical performances to classical music and experimentation. Therefore, it is an unmissable event for those who love to follow art in all its forms.

Edinburgh’s Military TattooOriginal Source

The Highlands: The wildest part

As it happens in Edinburgh, The Highlands give their best in August. Considered Scotland’s real heart and its wildest part, it is a place characterized by green hills, forests, wild animals, and freshwater lakes that end in the ocean’s fjords.

Temperature and weather in Scotland


Summers in Scotland are usually mild, with temperatures reaching 20ºC in July and August (even more if you’re lucky!), which does not mean bright sunshine every day, but a greater chance of finding pleasant days. It is precisely in summer that the Scottish landscapes give their best, with green grass, the blue sky, flowers. And it is right in the summer when a significant number of tourists storm the country.


Spring is also a great choice to visit Scotland; nature begins to blossom. The first colors stand out on the still dry winter vegetation, and, above all, tourists are still few, which means more peace and tranquility! Statistically, May is the least rainy of the year.

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Summer and winter are different not only for the weather conditions but also for the daily hours of light: if in the summer months it is daylight for 17 hours, with the sun rising before 5 in the morning and setting at 22 in the evening, in winter the hours of light are very few, about 7. At 16, in short, it is already dark! Meaning that in the summer, the time to explore is significantly longer and, if the weather is on your side, you can wander around late as if it were day.

Autumn for golden lights

It is clear that maybe the best times to visit Scotland are Spring and Summer, don’t underestimate a visit after September. Autumn is upon us, and even in this period, the country offers fantastic and impressive emotions; the best time of year to see golden lights and warm colors that look like they came out of a painting.

Golden lights – ScotlandOriginal Source

Winter for northern lights

However, the dark winter nights also have another positive thing. You will be able to see the Northern Lights in the country’s northernmost areas. Even with the rain, Scotland is full of charm, and rest assured that the light and colors will be even more incredible after the downpour of the light and colors.

Northern lights in ScotlandOriginal Source

And do you know the Scottish saying? “If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes”!

The Northern Lights | Highlands – Scotland’s Wild Heart

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