Best time of year to visit Germany

Best time to visit Germany

Best time to visit Germany – If you’re looking for the perfect travel destination featuring some of the best food and drinks along with amazing architecture, rich history, museums, and beautiful natural scenes, Germany is truly one of the best places out there.

You might be wondering, why is Germany such a popular travel destination; Well, that’s exactly what we’re here to tell you.

In this article, we’re going to talk about why Germany is so popular and what’s the best time to visit Germany. We’re also going to talk about the different fun and exciting activities you can take part in if you’re in the country to make your visit worth remembering. So, sit back, relax, and read this article till the end.

Neues Rathaus und Marienplatz München, GermanyOriginal Source

Why is Germany Such a Popular Tourist Destination?

Germany is a European country at the intersection of the Central and Western parts of Europe. It is the second-most populous country in the region with a large population of over 83 million people.

The reason for the incredible popularity of Germany among tourists is the sheer attraction it offers. Whether you’re a history lover, nature enthusiast or food connoisseur, Germany has something for you. That’s why tourists keep flooding the country time and time again.

In the year 2017, the country was visited by more than 173 million people and we want you and your friends and family to visit as well to experience the joy of tourism. So, pack your bags, get your loved ones ready and go to Germany on your next vacation.

East Side Gallery, Berlin, Germany – Original Source

Best Time to Visit Germany

Thinking of visiting Germany? Well, you can visit this amazing country any time of the year without hesitation. But if you’re looking for the best experience for the cheapest prices, you’re definitely going to want to visit Germany at the best time to do so.

In our opinion, the best time to visit Germany is between February and May. Depending upon the number of tourists, accommodation availability, tourism costs, and everything in between, the tourism scene in the country is different throughout the year. Let’s take a look at tourism in Germany throughout the year.

Museum Island, Berlin, GermanyOriginal Source

February to May

The weather in between these months is mild. The number of tourists in the country will be lesser. The accommodation will be easily available and tourism sites will definitely be less crowded. The prices will also be mediocre and that’s why it is the best time to visit Germany.

If you’re thinking of visiting Germany within these months, you’re going to have an overall epic adventure. So, we’d surely recommend you make your way to the incredible country of Germany if you’re getting a vacation with your friends and family.

Take care that Germany is a big territory so, in case to go on a specific area, try to make some research.We use Berlin’s weather.

February Weather

February weather in Berlin (Germany) goes from 40ºF (4ºC) the highest to 29ºF (-1ºC) the coldest.

March Weather

March weather in Berlin (Germany) goes from 48ºF (9ºC) the highest to 34ºF (1ºC) the coldest.

April Weather

April weather in Berlin (Germany) goes from 57ºF (14ºC) the highest to 40ºF (5ºC) the coldest.

May Weather

May weather in Berlin (Germany) goes from 67ºF (19ºC) the highest to 49ºF (9ºC) the coldest.

Berlin Wall Memorial, GermanyOriginal Source

June to January

Between these months, lie not only summertime but also chilling winter. In summer, you’re going to see the peak of tourism in Germany and the prices and costs of tourism along with accommodation is going to be super-expensive. That’s why the experience won’t be great.

Take care that Germany is a big territory so, in case to go on a specific area, try to make some research.We use Berlin’s weather.

June Weather

June weather in Berlin (Germany) goes from 72ºF (22ºC) the highest to 54ºF (12ºC) the coldest.

July Weather

July weather in Berlin (Germany) goes from 76ºF (24ºC) the highest to 58ºF (15ºC) the coldest.

August Weather

August weather in Berlin (Germany) goes from 75ºF (24ºC) the highest to 58ºF (14ºC) the coldest.

Neuschwanstein Castle, GermanyOriginal Source

In the fall, the weather is going to be cold and although you won’t see many tourists, it isn’t the best time to visit the country for an epic experience. That’s why we believe that you should avoid visiting the country between the months of June and January and try going there at the best time to visit for an exciting and fun experience.

September Weather

September weather in Berlin (Germany) goes from 67ºF (19ºC) the highest to 51ºF (11ºC) the coldest.

October Weather

October weather in Berlin (Germany) goes from 57ºF (14ºC) the highest to 44ºF (6ºC) the coldest.

November Weather

November weather in Berlin (Germany) goes from 46ºF (8ºC) the highest to 37ºF (3ºC) the coldest.

December Weather

December weather in Berlin (Germany) goes from 39ºF (4ºC) the highest to 31ºF (0ºC) the coldest.

January Weather

January weather in Berlin (Germany) goes from 37ºF (3ºC) the highest to 29ºF (-2ºC) the coldest.

Reichstag Building, GermanyOriginal Source

Things to Do in Germany

If you’re in Germany or around the area in the European region, there’s a lot of fun and exciting activities you can take part in. For reference, here are some of the best things to do in Germany that will make your visit to Germany worth remembering.

Visiting German Historical Museum

Located in Berlin, Germany, the German Historical Museum is truly a place filled with the rich historic prowess of Germany. If you’re a history enthusiast who wants to learn more and more about the culture and historic presence of Germany, then visiting the DHM is going to be a great adventure for you.

German Historical Museum, Berlin, GermanyOriginal Source

Trying the Delicious Food and Beer

For a foodie, Germany is nothing but a delightful adventure. German people love their food and beer in large portions. From buttery rolls to creamy gravies, large sausages, and meats along with delicious rich beer, you’re going to get a load of flavors and tantalizing tastes in Germany. Visit different spots within the country for an epic food experience.

Glancing at the Beautiful Views of the Bavarian National Park

If you’re a Nature and Wildlife enthusiast, Germany has a lot to offer you in the form of National Forest Parks. One and probably the most important of these parks is the Bavarian National Park located in the Eastern Bavarian Forest at the border between Germany and the Czech Republic. So, we’d definitely suggest you go there for an amazing time.

Bavarian National Park, GermanyOriginal Source

Witnessing the Brandenburg Gate

Built on the orders of the Prussian King William Frederick II in the 18th century, the Brandenburg Gate is a neoclassical monument in the beautiful city of Berlin, Germany. To be able to witness the sheer size and the amazing architecture used in the construction of this gate is a treat in itself for tourists coming from around the world.

Brandenburg Gate, GermanyOriginal Source

Going to the Cologne Cathedral

Located in Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, the Cologne Cathedral is a catholic cathedral and is a world heritage site for being an incredibly important representative of German Catholicism and architecture. The size sheer of the Cathedral is enormous and the scale is epic. It is truly a remarkable monument and should definitely be visited by any person visiting the amazing country of Germany.

Cologne Cathedral, GermanyOriginal Source


Germany is a beautiful country and is amazing for a leisure trip with your family or spouse. There’s a lot of rich culture and history you can learn about and the atmosphere is amazing for visitors. If you’re looking for a decent vacation with your loved ones, then Germany is a great place to go. We hope that you have an amazing travel adventure in the country.

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